Transport monitoring

In the Wialon system

One of the acceptable and effective methods to improve the performance of the car park is to monitor the transport in GPS online mode. Installing an effective control system allows you to improve business processes and prevent:

  • Improper use of displacement means;
  • Illegal emptying of fuel;
  • Negligent performance of direct work duties by employees.

In any business, the Wiallon system allows you to find the best work options for completing tasks.

The possibilities

View vehicles online
Track the location of objects and their movements on the map.
Monitor key metrics
Check the changes in the given parameters of the objects: movement speed, fuel, temperature level, etc.
Control objects and drivers remotely
Set up command execution, auto-run tasks, create appointments, and more.
Be aware of changes to the object
Receive notifications about object activity and parameter changes
Track the implementation of routes
Object movement monitoring with assigned route, deviation and delay
Get facility performance analysis
Get facility performance analysis
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