Shipping /delivery/ service control

Efficient organization of transportation, optimization of transportation processes and significant reduction of their costs will help to realize the Logistics application. The service has both web and  mobile versions, which solves the entire / all or existing / problems of the given field.

The web version of the service will allow to successfully organize transport management and control transport logistics. The Logistics mobile application is designed to work with shippers and other personnel.

The possibilities

Effective work with applications
Instantly use global exports, issues, and other operations within an application group. Automatically create regular recurring orders.
Keeping routes unchanged
Permanent shipping routes can be created when using the save sample routes feature.
Work with warehouses
Specify the warehouse address and the object visit plan during warehouse work.
Communication preparation
Send the necessary notifications, as well as the form, the ways of receiving them, to all participants involved in the process: dispatchers, couriers, customers.
Mention complete information about applications
Add optional fields to specify all necessary information for the job.
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