Fuel consumption control

Monitoring of fuel consumption, analysis of refueling  and drains can be carried out in several ways. In any case, they each have a head unit, a Glonass/GPS terminal.

The most accurate method is to use a fuel level sensor (DUT). The method of fuel monitoring with the help of the side computer’s CAN-bus is desirable to use when it is technically not possible to install a fuel level measurement sensor.

Advantages of the solution

Use instruments with metric specifications for fuel management. With the help of embedded fuel level sensors, you can get accurate information about fuel fillings, emptyings and costs with minimal errors. Eliminate fuel fraud and theft.

Get information about fuel mileage, consumption and levels, engine revs and coolant temperatures, brake usage, turn indicators, seat belts fastened. Depending on the equipment, it is also possible to obtain information about the weight and level of AdBlue. Generate reports on equipment operation and get a complete picture of fuel movement, mileage, operational accuracy and safety management. There are no auxiliary sensors, all information is provided from the instrument panel of the vehicle.

A great solution for dump trucks. The facts of the rise of the body support the unloading of non-mineral material. Body pitch control can be accomplished either by removing data from the power transmission shaft or by installing a camber control sensor. Increase the efficiency of your depot by avoiding side trips and jobs. In the monitoring system, you will get a comprehensive view of the productivity and idleness of the equipment.

An RFID reader is a scanner that uses radio frequency identification technology to read, detect and transmit the information recorded on the chip to a special software tool. The devices are used to identify the driver. Employees have personal electronic cards or chips.

GPS/Glonass terminal

The vehicle satellite monitoring terminal is designed to check the movement of the vehicle and monitor the operation of its mechanisms and systems.

The vehicle satellite monitoring terminal is designed to check the movement of the vehicle and monitor the operation of its mechanisms and systems.

Intelligent calculation algorithm
  • Detection of drainings in the parking lot, at a standstill and in motion
  • Fuel consumption management system with sensors, counters and CAN
  • Control of fuel consumption in trucks, car filling stations and fuel dispensers
  • Comparison of the actual volume of filled fuel with the announced one
Cancellation of appropriation
  • Material, equipment handling, loading control
  • Weight control from stops to stations
  • Observation of opening and closing of doors
  • Video surveillance, photo reports and video reports
Fuel control in real time
  • Notifications about fuel filling, emptying by e-mail and push messages
  • Online monitoring of fuel level on mobile devices
  • Control system integration with fuel cards
  • Detection of fuel fraud
Additional features
  • Speed ​​check with road restrictions
  • Quick links to get closer to the location of the object, cargo
  • Location determination by base stations
  • Integration with 1C and other ERP systems

Control of fillings and elimination of misappropriation

Control of fillings and elimination of misappropriation

The Wialon mobile app allows to continue  monitoring the business outside the office. All the most important functions are available in a simple and understandable interface. You can manage fill-ups and prevent fuel embezzlement through online notifications of these events from any mobile device based on iOS or Android.

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